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     New S.A.F. elements >>> take a look!

   A special sales area - the perfect snap shot !

   A special sales area (S.A.F.) should be distinctive and should bring out the products
   well directed. But it's main task is the selling of the products and therefore
   the right concept and unimpeachable brand loyality plays an important role.

   Here some references - because actions speak louder than words !
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<<< S.A.F. X-Mas 2007
        Stern-Center, Potsdam
S.A.F. Fossil >>>
City Arkaden, Wuppertal       
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<<< S.A.F. Fossil
        Rhein Center, Köln
S.A.F. >>>
Allee Center, Magdeburg       
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<<< S.A.F. Fossil
        City Point, Nürnberg
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